Management Philosophy

  • Sustainable Organization Competency

    Respect for the individuals and giving
    them an opportunity for self -fulfillment
    help them to acquire both material and
    spiritual wealth.

  • Fundamental Principle

    We devote ourselves to making an
    integrated business through regular internal
    and external audits. Also, we announce
    our annual business performance
    to our employees.

  • Perpetual Challenges & Creativity

    We are committed to creating a new
    future and making our dream happen
    through creative thinking & incessant

ABOUT US Philosophy

Total Provider for Health & Activities

  • TAEHA's goal is to provide a holistic solution for human health and all activities.
    TAEHA will move on to become an Innovator for the healthy lives of its customers.

Technical and quality management to satisfy the customer's feelings

  • We are a technology company that started with venture spirit 20 years ago.
    In the early days of its founding, it focused on developing the source technology by creating the first
    treadmill and medical equipment.
  • The initial technology was for products, for good products, and for business, but today's technology
    is aimed at developing customer-oriented technologies that look for customer needs that customers
    don't know.
  • The purpose of the technology is not the product but the customer, the quality of the customer that
    meets the customer's sensitivity and standards, and the quality of our technology is the core and
    principle of quality control.