Our Technology Skills

STRENGTH Technology
Embedded Computing System

  • As control of construction equipment becomes more intelligent and controls to reduce fuel costs are becoming
    important, demands for high-performance electronic controllers are increasing.
  • Based on years of experience, we support industrial controller H/W, S/W development and mass production that
    enable automation and fuel saving of construction equipment.
Electrohydraulic & Power Unit

  • Electric power system
  • At a time when energy centers from oil to electricity,
    the demand for reliable and efficient use of electricity
    in the field is increasing.
  • We provide a platform of H/W and S/W solutions for
    motor and power electronics control technology to speed
    product development and enable stable product
  • Electronic oil pressure
  • To increase energy efficiency, the hydraulic control
    system is changing from a mechanical hydraulic control
    system to an electro-hydraulic control system.
  • Based on our scaled-up electronic control technology,
    we provide H/W and S/W solutions for construction
    equipment electronic pressure controllers that provide
    high energy efficiency.
Sensor Network & Remote Management

  • Remote management
  • As labor costs increase demand for staff reduction and
    real-time management are increasing, changes in the
    classic equipment management system are taking place.
    is required to enable diagnostic monitoring of equipment
    remotely and control the equipment and update the
    latest firmware remotely.
  • We offer remote control solutions through satellite and
    mobile communications that are available anywhere in
    the world.
  • Sensor network
  • Due to the increase of IT devices in equipment, designing
    and verifying communication systems for equipment
    control is important.
  • Based on years of experience in designing and producing
    equipment control systems, we provide a communication
    system design, implementation and verification solution
    using composite media suitable for the equipment.
Display & UX & Design

  • Display
  • Display devices for industrial
    equipment should make it easier to
    show users what they need and
    make them safer to use. Display
    device technology, which is easier,
    safer, and more convenient to use in
    any harsh environment, is changing
    with the development of IT technology.
  • We support the development and
    mass production of display devices
    using high-performance MOBILE AP
    (application processor) and
    high-resolution LCDs based on
  • UX
  • Under the environment of various
    convenience devices and displays,
    we conduct various user assessments,
    analyze problems continuously, and
    present high-quality user-centered
  • It also offers UX to experience high
    levels of interaction, from faithfully
    depicting the functions of the
    equipment to users who are familiar
    with smart devices.
  • Design
  • Industrial equipment also requires
    a detailed design that takes into
    account the special environment of
    the workshop and the operator's
    performance in a manner that is
    faithful to safety and function.
  • We study and apply human and
    emotional engineering elements to
    all aspects of product planning,
    design, and design.
Health Technology & Simulator

  • Medical Devices
  • Safety-related design verification techniques are
    important for medical devices that handle human life.
  • We have various control technologies related to
    medical devices, such as real-time control technology
    of medical devices and power design technology for
    medical devices through laparoscopic surgery robot
    tasks and technical development tasks of medical
    robot controllers.
  • Simulator
  • It takes a lot of testing to ensure the quality of the
    product, and the more the test environment is the same
    as the actual environment, the faster the problem can be
  • We support the establishment of equipment simulators
    and test environments that provide the same test
    environment as industrial equipment environments.
Robot System

  • Industrial robot controls are devices that program and execute the robot's movements and activities on the factory floor.
    We support the design and mass production of a wired/wireless robot controller that requires high reliability.
Shock Reduction System

  • The problems of inter-layer vibration and noise in apartment buildings in modern society are a big issue in our society.
  • Through vibration attenuation and shock buffers, we prevent physical damage by reducing the impact on the user's
    knee joints during exercise and provide vibration shock reduction systems to prevent fatigue during prolonged periods
    of exercise.
Android Platform

  • Smart devices are now an essential part of modern life. Touch mode, intuitive screen movement and use are
    convenient for children and the elderly.
    We provide a platform for smart devices that encompasses these generations of people around the world to exercise
    and to support various functions such as watching TV, listening to music, the Internet, and sports programs.
Ergonomic Drive System

  • Exercise devices are designed and verified for safer, more convenient, and more comfortable use.
  • Through scientific analysis of human walking and driving, we can comfortably enjoy long-term activities by
    implementing ergonomic oval motor tracks.