Patent Status

STRENGTH Patent Status Patent Registration

Patent No. 379018

A treadmill that outputs letters, numbers,
and voices in steps and running

Patent No. 0231165

Belt displacement control of treadmill

Patent No. 0389478

Electromagnetic braking and the measuring
system using it

Patent No. 0398958

An Internet-based Sports Information
on System and its Operating Methods

Patent No. 0499232

Elliptical machine

Patent No. 10-0944809

Motion load control performance improved

Patent No. 10-0974341

Intelligent hybrid auto-bike

Patent No. 10-1195216

Durability testing apparatus

Patent No. 10-1221626

Green fitness system

Utility Model Patent No. 20-0410965

Bike Seat Adjustment System

Patent Number 10-118328

Vibration damper

Patent Number 10-136992

Multi mode dial apparatus

Patent Number 10-137653

Robot base for medical robot having improved steering apparatus

Patent Number 10-137654

Robot base for medical robot having improved brake apparatus

Patent Number 10-1410325

Running machine

Patent Number 10-1410326

Running machine

Patent Number 10-1480166

Camera Module

Design Number 30-0804052

Monitor for a construction vehicle

Patent Number 10-1597757

Robot base for medical robot having lifting function

Patent Number 10-1597758

Robot base for medical robot having weight balance function

Patent Number 10-2016-0043511

Manipulator for catheter


All TAEHA STEX products comply with the domestic and international recognized product
safety standards, including domestic KC (self-safety verification), KISS (sports product
quality), K-Mark certification, CE (Europe), and TUV(Germany).