STEX Fitness

PRODUCTS STEX Fitness Treadmill
  • S25T Series

    Reinforced, Comfortable, and Smart

    Derived from the design of an aircraft carrier, S25T is designed for intensive running. A room to run that looks like a flight deck is ready to fly runners to get their goals. With VR, Youtube and the internet contained in a console, S25T provides exciting experiences to you.

  • S23T Series

    Simple, Durable and Sensible

    S23T's simple image makes you feel at ease and trust its durability. A slick deck combined with the Shock Absorption System helps you develop your performance unconsciously without having to get out of your comfort zone. With VR, Youtube and the internet contained in a console, S23T provides exciting experiences to you.

  • S21T Series

    Compact, Effective, and Sturdy

    Its compact size is ideal for light-use facilities or private area looking for all the essentials, but that doesn't mean that durability is not as good as other series. The balance between reliability and price is optimum.

  • S20T Series

    Efficient Performance

    Its compact size but with a durable motor, is perfect for smaller facilities and family use. A clear and ergonomic display is easy to see from all workout position, and a 18.5' view is much bigger than any other affordable treadmills. Our 26 programs with 7 Fit test Programs make your workout various and more engaging.