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CEO is in TV show


Jan 5th 2019, Mr. Lim was in TV show, “the winning plan”.

It was an interview listening to the successful case of Mr. Lim.







1) foundation story

Mr. Lim tells his whole career from his first job to the foundation of Taeha



2) Birth story of the first industrial equipment control unit

Starts with the first development of excavator control unit, he introduces all of electronic units that Taeha is manufacturing these days.



3) Initial days of Taeha

The story of overcoming the crisis in the early days of Taeha.



4) Foundation of STEX, the exercise equipment brand

Started from the request of making treamill for research, he tells the story of selling treadmills for the first time, first exportation to Taiwan and current situation that Taeha exports over 30 countries including US, China and india.



5) Taeha’s philosophy of human resource management

Mr. Lim tells the philosophy of managing employees in Taeha. Mr. Lim emphasizes the importance of development and hired over one-third of members in Taeha as technicians. Also, he emphasizes the bond between members, so he has made photo books every year to share the memories with them.